The top ten hot technologies for industrial automation

For many years, the new automation is the most direct force to promote the rapid development of manufacturing industry, and this force, will certainly carry the “innovation” of the source of power, in the era of intelligent manufacturing shine!

Pneumatic technology development and trends

In recent years, with the introduction of microelectronics and computer technology, the development and application of new materials, new technologies and new processes, pneumatic components and pneumatic control technology have ushered in a new development space

The rise and development of robots in China

China is in an important position in the international manufacturing industry, manufacturing technology is facing upgrade, and economic development is facing transformation. The increase in labor costs has made robot technology an important development opportunity in China, but the demand for robots in turn has put forward higher requirements for computer-related scientific research.

Why is it difficult to achieve “de-Chinese”?

At present, the issue of “de-globalization”, which is hotly debated by Chinese public opinion, is largely related to the issue of “decoupling” or “de-sinicization” of the West and China. Many people expressed concern about “de-globalization”, in fact they are worried about the negative impact of “de-sinicization” on China’s own interests, and such concerns are not unreasonable.

Talk about my understanding of industrial automation

Automation involves many disciplines, whether it is mechanical or electrical, automation involves motors, mechanisms, analog electrical, digital, single-chip, programming, algorithms, control theory, finite element analysis, etc., from traditional industrial control to PLC, from ordinary servo The application to CNC machine tools, from robots to artificial intelligence, from embedded operating systems to dedicated systems, involves too many fields, and in this large field, no matter what direction we develop in, it is not a deviation. This is the advantage of automation. So, as long as you want to work hard, you can become a bull in any direction!

Application of six-axis robot in metal processing industry

In the past, the automotive industry has been the most important field of robot applications . With the increase in automation requirements, industrial robot applications have been expanded. In addition to traditional welding applications, robots load and unload materials on the machine, palletize materials, grind, spray, and assemble. Other fields have also been widely used. Metal forming machine tools are an important …