The industrial Internet is a new thing, and our understanding of it is still in its infancy. It needs to be continuously adjusted, deepened and improved in practice. Our practice needs to cross the river by feeling the stones. Combining some recent research, re-learning and re-thinking, talk about some points of my own re-understanding.

Regarding the connotation of the Industrial Internet, the “Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Deepening the “Internet + Advanced Manufacturing” Development of the Industrial Internet” pointed out that the Industrial Internet uses a systematic construction of three major functional systems: network, platform, and security to create a comprehensive interconnection of people, machines, and things. New type of network infrastructure, forming new business and application models for intelligent development;

In the “Industrial Internet Platform White Paper (2017)” compiled by the Industrial Internet Industry Alliance, it is defined that the Industrial Internet is the product of the deep integration of a new generation of information and communication technology and modern industrial technology , Is an important carrier of digitalization, networking, and intelligence in the manufacturing industry, and is also the commanding height of a new round of global industrial competition;

“Industrial Internet System Architecture (Version 2.0)” compiled by the Industrial Internet Industry Alliance, Industrial Internet as a new industrial ecology and key foundation Facilities and new application models, through the comprehensive interconnection of people, machines, and things, realize the comprehensive connection of all elements, the entire industry chain, and the entire value chain. They are continuously subverting traditional manufacturing models, production organization methods and industrial forms on a global scale, and promoting traditions Industry is accelerating the transformation and upgrading, and emerging industries are accelerating the development and growth.

These are the official and semi-official early interpretations.

The latest interpretation of the Industrial Internet: “Industrial Internet is not an industrial Internet, nor an Internet industry, nor is it the application of social and consumer Internet in industry. It is a network interconnected by industrial elements according to industrial logic and industrial network structure.

Further Decomposed, the concept of the Industrial Internet includes four parts: industry is the main body, interconnection is the way of expression, the network is a technical means, and the essence is collaboration. The industrial Internet uses the network as a technical means, through the use of industrial elements (such as man-machine material law, environmental testing, The interconnection between producers and consumers, upstream and downstream of enterprises, etc., realizes the in-depth coordination of relevant elements, so as to achieve an intelligent and socialized production and service model, which is by no means purely the application of the Internet in the manufacturing industry.”

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