Abstract: Technology is improving and thinking is changing. Every warehouse manager wants to stop looking for the goods, and then sit in front of the computer or machine to let the goods automatically go to the packaging area. Perform automatic sorting, etc. All operations are fully automated. There is currently a need in the market but the cost is a bit high; so many storage shelf manufacturers have been looking for change. Therefore, it is necessary to have a concise understanding of the Automatic Warehouse. 
    Automated warehouse is an automated logistics storage system that fully utilizes space, realizes the largest storage capacity of goods, highly automated storage, high-speed storage and information integration, and is completely controlled by a computer. Automated warehouse (AS/RS system) is usually composed of three-dimensional shelves, rail roadway stacker, Conveyor system (conveyor), shuttle car, robot, AGV cart, size detection barcode reading system, Communication system, automatic control system, computer monitoring system (WCS), computer management system (WMS) and other complex automated logistics systems composed of auxiliary equipment such as wire and cable bridge distribution cabinets, pallets, adjustment platforms, steel structure platforms and other auxiliary equipment. Using the first-class integrated logistics concept, using advanced control, bus, communication (wireless, infrared, etc.) and information technology (RFID, etc.), through the coordinated linkage of the above equipment, computer-controlled automatic storage operations can be achieved automatically Receiving, grouping, entering, leaving, picking, inventory maintenance, delivery, inventory statistics and alarm, report generation and other functions. Automated warehouse system is widely used in machinery, electronics, chemical industry, medicine, tobacco, metallurgy, light industry, food, household appliances, printing, integrated logistics, military, aerospace, rail transit and other industries.   

Automated warehouse is mainly used to store a small variety of large quantities of containerized unitized goods. Goods generally use pallets, containers, etc. as carriers. Specific cargo unit forms are divided into turnover boxes, pallets, reels, plates, Long materials, super long materials, overweight goods and other forms.
According to the size of the carrier, it can be divided into heavy automatic warehouse and light automatic warehouse; the carrier of heavy automatic warehouse is generally a pallet or box, and sometimes the goods can also be stored directly on the shelf. The upper (such as coil material, long material, etc.); the light automatic three-dimensional warehouse carrier is generally a small plastic box, so it is also known as a material box automatic warehouse or a mini automatic warehouse. This type of automated warehouse generally has a relatively low shelf height.
According to the direction of the track, it can be divided into straight rail type, curved rail type, turning rail type and turnout type; according to whether it is connected to the roof and wall of the building, it can be divided into separate automatic warehouse and warehouse Automated warehouse; according to the complexity of the conveying and sorting system in the front and back of the warehouse, it can be divided into conventional automated warehouse and complex automated warehouse (general Also known as an automated logistics center); according to the use temperature of the warehouse, it can be divided into normal temperature automatic warehouse, refrigerated automatic warehouse and frozen automatic warehouse; according to the danger level and flammable and explosive level of the goods, it is divided into general level automatic warehouse and explosion-proof automatic warehouse .


Automated warehouse can be connected with the production line, and can be seamlessly connected with the enterprise’s management system ERP.
With the increasing cost of logistics, higher labor costs and higher and higher automation requirements, the method of automatic warehouse has gradually been widely used, and there is a trend of mainstream methods, and even become the trend of every enterprise. High-tech display windows and a beautiful landscape.

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