Six Principles for Designing Charts

In August 2017, a team of passionate designers, researchers, and engineers at Google created a comprehensive set of data visualization guidelines covering everything from color, shape, typography, icons, interaction, and motion. The success of this collaboration led to the formation of Google’s first full-time data visualization team, which launched in May 2018. Over the past year, …

Design great products with “User-centric” method

“User-centric” is a kind of laziness, and it is also a marketing need. Really great products often have deep values, and these values ​​​​are established by the product team. So, at a higher level, let’s pursue “product manager centricity”. 01 The concept of user-centered design has always been the golden rule of product managers. To put it simply, …

Definition and main features of a smart factory

Smart factories represent a leap from traditional automation to fully connected and flexible systems. The system provides continuous access to data from connected operational and production systems to understand and adapt to new requirements. A truly smart factory integrates physical, operational, and human capital across the system to drive manufacturing, maintenance, inventory tracking, digitalization of operations through digital twins, and other types of activities across the manufacturing network. The result may be more efficient and agile systems, less production downtime, and a greater ability to anticipate and adapt to changes in the plant or across the network, further improving market competitiveness.

What is a telescopic fork?

Telescopic forks basically consist of fork bodies and sliding units. The latter is driven by rack and pinion or chain, and in most cases, telescopic forks are moved by a combination of systems. Cam bearings, plain units, shock absorption units, and power units.

What are IQ, OQ, DQ, PQ files?

Design Validation is the establishment of a design that verifies that during the design of a facility, including plant and ancillary systems, the design has been reviewed and confirmed that due consideration has been given to all specifications and requirements related to product quality, and that it is reflected in the drawings (shop drawings, Written certification in pipeline instrumentation diagrams, etc.

Answer these questions well, and your positioning will be half successful

The problem of “positioning” actually covers many aspects – commodities, people, prices, etc., will involve the problem of “positioning”. So in the process of corporate or brand positioning, do you know how to build the corresponding positioning strategy? In this article, the author summarizes the “positioning” problem, let’s take a look. After “Positioning, Really Not …

What is a checkweigher

A checkweigher is a device that automatically checks whether the weight is qualified when the belt is running at high speed.

How do IoT device terminals and cloud systems communicate?

With the birth of 5G communication, the network communication speed is faster, and colleagues in the Internet industry all around say that the next outlet may be the Internet of Things. Since the company’s products are currently hardware-oriented, I am also fortunate to have some knowledge of the Internet of Things. In this article, I want to share with you how the terminal equipment and software in the Internet of Things products communicate.