In this system, a shuttle car accesses the pallet in the shelf aisle, and the stacker transports the pallet to the cargo entrance and exit, which is sent out by the conveying equipment, and the forklift does not need to enter the storage area.

Radio Shuttle takes in and out of pallets from racking lanes, and stacker crane move pallets inbound or outbound, and conveyors continue to take pallets out. Forklifts do not need to enter the racking area.

Stacker + shuttle solution combined with shuttle The advantages of automatic warehouses and stacker automatic warehouses are often high-speed movements of stackers and shuttles. The choice of this program depends on the comprehensive factors such as the number of lanes, the depth of the lanes, the efficiency of access and storage, and the area of ​​access and storage.

The solution of stacker crane plus radio shuttle shares the similar advantage with radio shuttle solution, stacker crane and radio shuttle move in high speed.

This solution is usually considered in terms of lane number, lane depth, input and output throughput, input and output areas .

1. stacker crane
2. radio shuttle
3. stacker crane rail
4. shuttle racking
5. pallet conveyor
6. shuttle charging station shuttle charging station

The combination of shuttle car and stacker realizes the extension of the left and right side tunnels.

It is suitable for vertical warehouse projects with high requirements on the number of goods and low requirements for storage and entry efficiency.

Radio shuttles combined with stacker crane to expand the tunnels on the left and right.

Suitable for warehouse that requires large storage pallets and less efficient loading and unloading.

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