Four-way shuttle car-is an intelligent robot that realizes “goods to people” sorting. Through programming to achieve tasks such as storage and transportation, it can be perfectly integrated with the logistics information system (WCS/WMS) to realize automatic identification, access and other functions. It uses advanced super capacitor power supply method, which greatly improves the equipment’s energy utilization rate.

Product innovation content
of products an international leading core technology, the overall level of technology products internationally leading product technology has reached the international level of similar products, cost-effective products have a certain international competitiveness.

Product innovation and technology overview
● chosen way to find goods from “people “Becomes “goods to people”.
● The system is modularized and standardized design, and the equipment can be mutually backed up.
● Charging for 10 seconds can meet the needs of the shuttle car for 3 minutes.
● There are single/double depth optional, clip-on telescopic fork optional.
● Optional anti-static (106 -109Ω) shuttle car can be used to meet the needs of special operations.
● Maximum straight travel speed: 5m/s ● Maximum straight travel
acceleration: 2m/s2
● Maximum cargo weight: 50kg

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