UAV flying defense, a new battlefield for new farmers

Recently, the fifth episode of the large-scale industrial documentary “The Cornerstone of a Powerful Country”, “Chasing Dreams”, jointly created by China Central Radio and Television and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, was broadcast on CCTV Finance Channel, which demonstrated its technological innovation capabilities in the field of smart agriculture. And the story of empowering rural youth to pursue their dreams and start businesses.

Simple understanding of the token mechanism

In this article, a brief understanding of cookie/session mechanism , the principle of cookie and session is briefly explained. This article will briefly explain another technical term that is as important as cookie/session: token.

5 secrets for a person’s rapid growth

People will always overestimate the value of what they participate in, so you have to learn to make good use of your leaders and colleagues and let them participate in your activities. The more they give, the smoother your work will be.

iPhone13 dismantling the domestic Apple supply chain worries: what to reflect on?

Apple’s approach has also given manufacturers a wake-up call, how to maintain their manufacturing advantages and how to ensure that the core value and destiny of supply chain manufacturers are in their own hands. There is only one answer, which is to do it in their own core hinterland. To be irreplaceable and always have Plan B.

Looking at the embarrassment of the reliability prediction work from the successful landing of [Zhu Rong] on Mars

[Zhu Rong], who represents the latest achievements of China’s aerospace industry, has successfully landed on Mars and began to perform his own Mars exploration mission. With the development of science and technology, the continuous success of various complex engineering systems represented by spacecraft is truly breathtaking. However, according to the current conventional practice, if we …

How to start business smoothly?

In this era, entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to create wealth. Entrepreneurship not only enables founders to reap huge personal wealth, but also adds value to the overall wealth of society. However, starting a business is not easy! Many entrepreneurs do not lack “good ideas”, but also have the tenacity and desire to realize their …

What is the structure and working principle of the stacker?

With the development of modern industry and increasingly fierce market competition, higher requirements will be put forward for the automated retrieve warehouse, and the stacker is the core component of the entire automated AS/RS warehouse. The stacker structure is mainly composed of the lower pole beam, the feeding platform, the shelf mechanism, the vertical pole …

Scene-centric product design method

When you see this title, everyone should think of “user-centered product design method”, but I prefer the “scene-centered product design method”. One of the most important steps in “user-centered product design method” is “creation of personas”. A persona is a typical user fictitious based on research or observation of the user. Each character will have a series …