Assuming a humid environment, the driving force of the motor is large enough, and there is no slippage between the driving drum and the belt.

The cycle process of negative pressure formation and disappearance between the belt and the pallet is as follows:

The above cycle process forms the “adsorption” effect between the belt and the pallet.

The magnitude of this negative pressure is determined by the driving torque of the motor, that is to say, the critical torque when the negative pressure environment can be broken is the minimum value of the driving torque of the motor.

This is because the material of the belt and the material of the pallet are different, and the environment where the negative pressure is formed is also different. It is best to get the basis for the selection of the motor through experiments.

How to reduce the impact of negative pressure environment?

It can be dealt with from the following aspects:

  • Increase the gap between the belt and the pallet (such as making protrusions, pallet punching, etc.)
  • Increase the driving power of the motor, increase the specifications of the timing belt and timing wheel
  • Avoid active Slip between the drum and the belt

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