Design great products with “User-centric” method

“User-centric” is a kind of laziness, and it is also a marketing need. Really great products often have deep values, and these values ​​​​are established by the product team. So, at a higher level, let’s pursue “product manager centricity”. 01 The concept of user-centered design has always been the golden rule of product managers. To put it simply, …

Take the logistics industry as an example to talk about paperless product design

With the popularity of Alipay and WeChat, the concept of “paperless” is gradually favored by more traditional industries. This article talks to you about how to play paperless product design. From online payment to the realization of various types of informatization, more and more industries have begun to try to use the convenience of terminals to …

Is your product a vitamin or an analgesic?

Once users successfully form a habit of using their products, the company can benefit a lot, specifically: higher user lifetime value, greater price flexibility, faster growth, and stronger competitive advantage .

Product design and user psychology

Hello everyone, today we are here to talk about product design and user psychology. Due to time constraints, it is impossible for me to fully explain this issue, but in this limited time, we can start with some small focuses. , Its purpose is to let everyone have a new mindset in product design.

How to delete an unnecessary function?

An excellent product is the product of continuous demand collisions, trade-offs, and choices made by the product manager. If you want to add a new feature to the product, even a very simple feature has to be thought through hard. Adding a function is a technical activity, and if you want to delete a function, it is also a technical activity. How to delete an unnecessary function? Let’s stroke it.

The way of thinking about product design: Priority

If you want to build a good product, whether it is Internet websites, mobile applications, WeChat official accounts/mini programs, content products, or even physical products, you need to define priorities at all levels at any time to reduce losses.

Demand amplification theory

Demand processing has always been one of the most important links in product work.  We has sorted out the whole process of demand analysis for us from demand acquisition to demand landing, and I recommend you to read it. When making requirements, do you feel that there is another requirement hidden in many requirements, or …

Before you make a product, how do you plan for the product?

Product design must be “fine”, while product planning must be “far”. Product planning is not only planning, but also the development process of selecting products. Perhaps the value of product planning is not reflected in the exquisiteness of the user experience and the beautiful display of the page, but it reflects the realization of the best configuration …