Cats and product design thinking

Product design thinking is based on continuous research and improvement. Maintaining the validation and iterative thinking model can not only be applied to the product design field that we are familiar with, but also can be used in daily life, and even design a dollhouse for my cat.

How to cultivate product thinking and design thinking?

Excellent designers and product managers should have the ability to think deeply, be able to see the essence of the problem through the phenomenon, and improve their vision. In addition to the first look at the interface, copywriting, elements, and then gradually see the needs and Business, and then see the business logic and even the trend level, which requires long-term accumulation. In addition, you need to continue to expand the boundaries of your abilities, and don’t let yourself be restricted.

A good designer should look at the design from the user’s point of view

I am a PM, and I have been with designers for a long time every day. I am very impressed and have some understanding of design. There are a lot of H5 contacts recently, so today I will talk about design from the point of H5, and by the way, I will extend it and send out to discuss and discuss with you, and confirm each other. Compared with professional design gods, it is naturally far behind. Quan Think of it as a product note for yourself.