Medium frequency quenching robot

Automatic loading and unloading marking workstation of medium frequency quenching robot.


Bobbin loading workstation

3D drawing SolidWorks design of robot automatic bobbin loading workstation.


Liquid detergent mixing tank

3D design of equipped with mixing, dispersing, heating, cooling, discharging material.


Mountain Bike 3D Model

Mountain bike is a bicycle specially designed for cross-country walking (hills, trails, fields, sandy gravel roads, etc.).


Automatic Check Weigh A01

It can weigh up to 100kg products efficiently and reliably. It is applicable to various industrial or food production environments.


AGV carrier car A02

AGV with a two-layer belt conveyor system. Automated guided delivery of goods.


Forklift AGV A01

The unmanned forklift AGV can run flexibly and change the driving route at any time.


Mine telescopic belt conveyor

It is suitable for conveying easy to take powder, granular, small pieces of low abrasive materials and bagged materials.


Automated Guided Vehicle B1

The AGV is easy to operate and maintain, stable driving, has been widely used in the factory workshop goods handling.