Automatic brick making machine 02

3D model drawing of full automatic brick making machinery and industrial equipment.


Production line of air switch

Riveting, inkjet, single pad printing, delay detection, on-off detection, instantaneous detection, line post bolt detection


Post-packaging production line

The production line includes automatic tray unpacking and conveying system, carton unpacking, packing, labeling and palletizing.


Packaging Machine A60

Automatic packaging equipment for bottled carton cosmetics. Robot automatic palletizing and packaging.


Bulk Storage Shuttle A01

Shuttle for automatic bulk storage system is a high-density storage system composed of shelves, trolleys and forklifts.



The conveyor basic length is 6 m and extended to length of 15 m, and is used in express delivery and other fields.



Suitable for sale in railway station, subway station, square, shopping center and other places.


Titanium alloy vacuum furnace A2

The human body value entry heat treatment furnace is a special equipment for titanium alloy implants.


Titanium alloy vacuum furnace A1

Special equipment for titanium alloy implants, consists of six independent control units with integrated design.