Industrial Park 3D Model 01

Detailed 3d scene of an industrial park. Objects in the scene are grouped for easy editing.


Storage Cage Model A01

Used mainly for storage and mechanized revolving handling of rather heavy or big goods.


3D Models of Bullet

The following is the 3D models of the bullet, through which you can see the structure of the bullet.


Automated Warehouse A02

AS/RS is generally composed of high-rise shelves, lane stackers, conveyors, control systems and computer management systems (WMS).


Small-sized Automated Warehouse

The small automated warehouse takes the bin as the storage unit, and stores the bin on the shelf through the stacker.


Cross Belt Sorting System A

The automatic sorting system can identify the barcode of the waybill, and sort the parcels quickly and accurately according to the user-defined chute.


Automatic Box Filling Machine A80

The high-speed picking and placing action of the automatic packing machine can realize the automation of the production line.


Double-sided labeling machine

A complete automatic labeling machine is a device that can stick rolled paper labels or metal foil labels on bottles, and products.


Laser guided unmanned forklift

The unmanned forklift stacker is full-automatic with independent positioning and navigation function. It is suitable for the handling of most pallet goods.