Checkweighers are also called belt checkweighers, and weight detectors. It is generally composed of a combination of conveying machinery part, electrical automatic control part and computer information system networking. A checkweigher is a device that automatically checks whether the weight is qualified when the belt is running at high speed; It is a high-efficiency, high-precision in-line checkweighing equipment that can be integrated into various packaging line terminals and conveyor systems.

Checkweighing scale can be according to the user’s requirements, site conditions, strip tobacco, whole box of tobacco, drugs, goods, materials, etc., according to the user, place name, product name for automatic sorting, packing, sealing of the continuous operation. Checkweighers are designed and customized according to the shape, volume and weight of the conveyed items. Sorting conveyor is one of the key equipment for sorting and sorting logistics in the factory automation three-dimensional warehouse and logistics distribution center, and the accurate and fast work of the logistics center can be realized through the application of the sorting system.

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