If you want to make a good product, you need to understand behavioral design

Thinking back to your peak pleasure, which images were designed? Behavioral design can be used flexibly in all aspects, and good products are no exception.


As you read the following passage, carefully remember the images that will immediately pop up in your mind.

  • What is the best picture of your life?
  • What is the most honorable image of your life?
  • If I talk about your most memorable moment, what image comes to your mind?

(hint: it could be a person, or a thing)

Okay, stop for a while, please pull to the comment area at the bottom, and record the picture that flashed back in your brain just now. This opportunity is very important, yes, write it down first.


OK, welcome back.

Just now, we did a thought experiment together. The designer of this thought experiment was the well-known American behavioral psychologists Heath Brothers. In their extensive research, they found that the impressive peak of pleasure will roughly appear in In the following four experiences:

  • Delight: For example, a wedding ceremony, an offer from a new company, or a trip to a particularly beautiful place.
  • Recognition: For example, I gained a new knowledge that made people feel enlightened, and made a difficult problem.
  • Honors: such as being praised in public by teachers, being awarded as outstanding employees at the annual meeting, and being praised a lot in the circle of friends.
  • Connection: For example, getting to know the opposite sex you like, linking to someone who may be of great help to your career.

In fact, you will find that the content that flashed back in your mind just now, and the pictures in your past life experience, are really nothing more than the above four kinds of pictures.

You might think, as if that’s the case, but even if I know this, what’s the use? Don’t worry, let me tell you a story about a family conflict that turned into a beautiful family memory.


A little girl and her parents are returning from a trip abroad when they realize they have lost their favorite giraffe toy. If it is placed in our ordinary family, parents are likely to say: the baby is good, let’s buy another one; or: if it is dropped, it will be dropped.

But the little girl’s dad was clearly empathetic, saying: “Your little giraffe is still on vacation. Then contact the hotel and pay the courier fee to send the toys back.

Then, something unexpected happened!

The hotel actually sent a set of photos in the following time. There are little giraffes sunbathing on the loungers by the swimming pool, it is driving a golf cart, and it is in the spa hall with cucumbers on its eyes for beauty treatments…

The little girl and her parents were stunned. She didn’t expect her little giraffe to live so comfortably!

This incident not only became an unforgettable memory for the family, but the behavior of the hotel staff also made this lesser-known hotel an instant Internet celebrity, and tourists from all over the world flocked to the hotel.


That’s right, the above small case is exactly the “happy experience” among the four “peak pleasant experiences”, and the “peak pleasant experience” can undoubtedly bring excellent feelings to users, create an enviable word-of-mouth effect, and Bring business success!

And, all of this can be designed.

You may have heard of such a company. On the first day of employment, what awaits you is not the cumbersome information filling, office supplies collection, and the traditional onboarding process that goes around the onboarding procedure one department after another.

Instead, a well-dressed man or woman will lead you to visit the company, briefly introduce the history of the company along the way, the composition of the department, and finally send you to your workstation.

When you come to the desk, what awaits you is a gift, which is a popular product of the company in the market; when you turn on the computer, you will see a deeply rooted corporate vision on the screen (by no means what becomes the biggest xx) yy).

Then there is an unread letter on the desktop, you open the mailbox, and it is a letter from your current CEO, which contains some encouragement and wishes you a pleasant and rewarding work experience in the company.

Throughout the morning, the department leaders also brought you to meet the friends around you. They introduced themselves very enthusiastically and carefully remembered your name…

The above onboarding experience has now become a standard onboarding process for many world-renowned companies. Many new employees will feel a great sense of joy, and secretly vow to work hard in this company and develop well.

Even many old employees will joke that they want to resign and then re-enter to experience this new induction ceremony.


Seeing this, does it remind you of the surprising experience when you buy a product online and unpack the package?

That’s right, whether it’s the “excited experience” of a little girl seeing her toy giraffe on vacation; the “onboarding experience” of a new employee on their first day at a new company; or the “unpacking experience” of unpacking a purchase – These are “behavioral design” experience designs, intentional or unintentional.

By creating these key experience nodes, behavioral design makes people leave an unforgettable impression on a certain moment, thus forming word-of-mouth communication that people can’t help but want to share with people around them, and then occupy the user’s mind and make these When people who reach out have a need, the first thing they think of is TA.


Now, let’s go back to the picture that flashed back in your mind at the beginning of the article. Please carefully recall which pictures may have been “behavioral design”, and please leave a message in the comment area below.

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