With the advent of the era of intelligent robots, the industry has gradually begun to use intelligent robots to replace manual labor. Like traditional warehouses and factories, it takes a lot of manpower to move goods, which is relatively inefficient and prone to errors. The intelligent machine AGV trolley is different. As a handling equipment for an automated three-dimensional warehouse, it provides intelligent transportation from products to materials that are automatically online, offline, and midway transfer, which can reduce costs and improve the efficiency of handling and sorting. So, in which industries can AGV trolleys be applied?

Warehousing and logistics industry

The warehousing industry is the place where intelligent AGV trolleys are first used. The main function is to handle the inbound and outbound goods and various parts and components, and realize the automatic transportation of inbound and outbound goods. At present, there are about 20,000 AGV systems in the world running in 2,100 large and small warehouses. Greatly improve the efficiency of transportation.

Automotive industry

The application of intelligent AGV trolleys in automobile or engine assembly replaces the traditional assembly mode, thereby greatly improving the automation level of the entire production line, reducing the labor intensity of workers, and adapting to the site changes of the equipment system in the future. In foreign markets, the application of AGVs in the automotive industry is relatively mature, and the case of material handling is typical.

Of course, based on the above process, the path and distance traveled by AGVs are much more complex and longer than the single loop of the assembly line; the control strategy adopted by the upper control system to improve the efficiency of cooperative transportation and route traffic management of multiple AGVs Also more complex than a single loop or simple path.


AGV trolleys are also widely used in manufacturing production lines to complete handling tasks efficiently, accurately and flexibly. Moreover, multiple AGVs can form a flexible logistics handling system, and the handling line can be changed in time with the adjustment of the production process, so that one production line can produce more than a dozen products, which greatly improves the flexibility of production and the competitiveness of enterprises.

Ports, Libraries, Post Offices and Airports

In public places such as ports, libraries, post offices and airports, the transportation volume of goods is relatively large, the dynamics are strong, the operation process is often adjusted and the handling operations are relatively simple, and the AGV trolleys are characterized by parallel operation, automation, intelligence and flexibility. It just meets the handling requirements of the above occasions.

Pharmaceutical, food, tobacco, chemical industry

The use of AGVs has also become very important in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries that have special requirements for cleanliness, safety, and no emission pollution in handling work. Many domestic tobacco companies have also begun to use AGVs to complete the handling of goods.

Catering/Service Industry

In the future, AGV trolleys are also expected to show their talents in the service industry. Basic labor such as food delivery in restaurants can be completed by AGV trolleys, which can reduce labor costs and improve operational efficiency.

Special industry

The AGV car also has the function of unmanned automatic driving, which can be used for detection and disassembly in the middle, and can be used for mine clearance and camp reconnaissance on the battlefield. In steel plants, AGV trolleys can also be used to transport charge and reduce the labor intensity of workers. In nuclear power plants and some places with nuclear radiation, AGV trolleys can also be used to transport and transport goods instead of manual labor to prevent radiation from harming the human body.

The above is the application industry of agv trolleys. Huasheng (Qingdao) Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with overall solutions for intelligent manufacturing, and has established strong partnerships with customers in long-term cooperation. At present, the company’s business scope has extended to rubber tires, new energy, medicine, home appliances, electronics, chemicals, clothing and many other industries.

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