The stacker is one of the very important equipment in the core part of the automated AS/RS warehouse, so the stacker equipment installation must be taken seriously, and it must be installed in place to maximize its role, so as to serve the AS/RS warehouse. So what should be paid attention to when installing the stacker?

During the installation process of the stacker, some matters need to be paid attention to, specifically:

(1) A certain amount of installation space should be reserved. If this work is not done in the early stage, the stacker must be installed when the rack is halfway installed. The stacker is up, and then continue to install the cargo.

(2) When the column is connected with the beam, the lower beam should be supported and fixed with jacks, etc., and the beam should be fixed with hemp rope to prevent the column from falling over.

(3) When connecting with bolts, use a wrench to tighten and tighten, and the required torque should be determined according to the drawings. After tightening, measure various data and record them.

For the stacker, there are two ways to install it on site:

Overall hoisting: first assemble the upper and lower beams and columns together, and then use the stacker to rotate 910 degrees and then hoist into the tunnel.

Split hoisting: use a lifting tool to lift the column, and then connect the column and the lower beam with bolts through the walking mechanism. Fix the cargo platform, hoist the column, connect it with the lower beam, and finally connect the upper beam with the column.

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