In recent years, Chinese manufacturing companies have obviously increased their emphasis on digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing.

● First of all, the rising cost of labor resources and difficulty in recruiting have forced manufacturing companies to rely on the deepening application of digitalization and automation technology to achieve fewer people.

● Second, under the pressure of the transfer of low-end manufacturing to low-cost countries such as Southeast Asia, Chinese manufacturing companies pay more attention to independent innovation, improve the level of intelligent products, and promote intelligent services to establish differentiated competitive advantages.

● Third, the rapid development of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, edge computing, 5G, additive manufacturing, virtual reality/augmented reality, the Internet of Things, sensors, artificial intelligence, etc., the rapid increase in computing and storage capabilities and the rapid decline in costs, making manufacturing companies It can realize the deepening application of digital and intelligent technology more effectively.

● Fourth, during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, my country attaches great importance to the domestic substitution of digitalization and automation technology. Industrial robots, industrial software, industrial Internet, and industrial big data are developing vigorously, reducing the number of manufacturing enterprises to promote digital transformation and intelligent transformation. the cost of.

● Fifth, governments at all levels attach great importance to the promotion of intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation, and provide large financial support to enterprises.

● Sixth, the 2020 new crown epidemic has objectively accelerated the digital transformation and intelligent transformation of manufacturing companies.

  1. ● First, insist on innovation-driven and improve core capabilities. Promote the integrated innovation and engineering application of a new generation of information technology, key equipment and core industrial software, break through a batch of high-end equipment and software, and create a batch of system solutions that integrate emerging technologies.
  2. ● The second is to persist in implementing classified policies and deepen application and promotion. Deeply grasp the law of diffusion and integration of intelligent manufacturing in different industries, links and fields, and promote the intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry by industry and step by step.
  3. ● The third is to persist in optimizing the environment and improve the support system. Develop a batch of smart manufacturing standards for key industries, build a test and verification platform for industry standards, strengthen the construction of new infrastructure such as the industrial Internet and 5G networks, and improve the smart manufacturing public service platform.

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