3D design model of grain weighing and filling machine

A semi-automatic grain bagging machine. Its structure includes a funnel, a supporting leg, an elastic hook and a conveying device.

A flow controller is arranged at the discharge port of the funnel, a supporting leg is arranged at the lower part of the funnel, a conveying device is arranged between the supporting legs, a suspender is arranged at both sides of the lower part of the leakage bucket, and an elastic hook is arranged at the end of the suspender, The elastic hook is hung with a bag, and the conveying device comprises a rotating shaft, a rotating roller and a conveying belt.

The rotating shaft is arranged between the legs, the rotating shaft is provided with a rotating roller, and the conveying belt is arranged on the rotating roller.

Compared with the prior art, the semi-automatic grain bagging machine of the utility model does not need to manually support the bag to load grain, and reduces the labor intensity of people, It improves the work efficiency, avoids the harm of dust to human body, and is easy to use.

The 3Dmodel is drawn by SolidWorks2017, File totally 68 MB, including stp files.

Mechanism of the machine
Detailed design
Front view in SolidWorks
See detailed design
Top view

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