Semi-automatic machine with rotating function ear strap spot welding machine (strip welding machine)

Application functions:

(1) After using ultrasonic heating and special steel wheel pressurization, the above functions can be obtained.

(2) No smoke or sparks during processing, no damage to cloth edges, and burrs can also be avoided.

(3) The flower wheel can be easily replaced, and various flower wheels can be replaced according to customer needs.

(4) No preheating is required during manufacturing and continuous operation is possible.

(5) Color paper and gold foil paper can be added, and the printing and bronzing functions can be achieved under pressure.

(6) Multiple sets can be combined into a dedicated machine to complete products with larger widths at one time, such as quilt covers and umbrellas.

(7) The flower wheel is made of special alloy steel, and the welding head is durable and has a long life.

(8) The machine is easy to operate and easy to maintain. It uses 20KHZ low-noise ultrasound to prevent noise interference.

The project based on SolidWorks2018, including 3D+2D.


Side view of the machine
Side view of the machine
Front view of the machine

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