198 Types of Bullet 3D Models

The appearance of all kinds of special firearms and ammunition is plain, and only the marking color at the bullet tip can show its internal “universe”. The following is the 3D model of the bullet, through which you can see the structure of the bullet.

The 3D model format is STEP. It can be opened by 3D software.


4.5 X40Rmm Russian SPS7.5 X 54mm French MAS12.5 X70mm Schuler270_ Winchester Short. Magnum
46 X 30mm75 X55mm Swiss GP11127X 81SRmm Italian Breda276 Enfield Pattern 13
4.85mm British7.5 X 57mm French M1924127 X 108mm Soviet276 Pederson
5.6 X33mm_ Rook7.7_ X 58mm Japanese_ Arisaka13.2 X99mm_ Hotchkiss280 _Ackley. Improved
5.6 X 39 Russian7.21 Tomahawk1392SRmm Mauser Anti-Tank TUF280 British
5.6x57mm_ RWS7.35mm Italian. Carcano14.5 _X 114mm Soviet280_ Remington
5.7X28mm_ FN762X39mm_ M43 Soviet17_ Remington280 Ross
5.7x28mm7.62 X45mm Czech17_ Remington Fireball284 Winchester
5.7X28MM FN7.62 X51mm NATO22 PPC300_ Norma Magnum
5.8X21mm Chinese7.62X39MM M43 Soviet22-250 Remington300_ Olympic Super. Short. Magnum
5.8 X42mm Chinese7.65 X 53mm Mauser22casing300 Pegasus
5.45 X39mm Soviet792 X 39mm Kurz22Ir300 Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum
5.56 NATO792_X _94mm Panzerbuchse25 Remington300 Remington _Ultra Magnum
5.56 X 45mm NATO792 X 107mm Polish25_ Winchester. Super. Short. Magnum300_ Ruger. Compact. Magnum
5.56x50mm_ Magnum7.92X94MM PANZERBUCHSE25-06 Remington300 Savage
5.66 X 39mm Russian. MPS792X107MM POLISH30_ 06 Springfield300 _Winchester Short Magnum
6.5_ X 47mm _Lapua7X33mm Sako30 M1 Carbine307 WINCHESTER
6.5 X50SRmm Arisaka7X57mm Mauser30_ Remington308_ Marlin Express
6.5 X52mm_ Mannlicher-C arcano7X57mm Meunier30 Remington AR308 Winchester
6.5 X53.5SRmm_ Daudeteau7mm_ BR_ Remington30_ Thompson, Contender325_ Winchester. Short. Magnum
6.5_ X 54mm Mannlicher-Schoenauer7mm Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum30-03 US 
6.5 X54mm_ Mauser7mm_ Remington _Ultra Magnum30-06_ Springfield338 Blaser. Magnum 338 Federal
6.5 X 55mm_ Swedish Mauser7mm_ Winchester _Short Magnum30mm GAU338_ Lapua. Magnum
6.5 X 57mm Mauser7mm-08 Remington32 Remington338 Norma Magnum
6.5 X 58mm Mauser8 X51mm Mauser35 REMINGTON338 REMINGTON ULTRA MAGNUM
6.5 X 58mm Portuguese. Vergueiro8 X 54mm Krag -Jorgensen35 WHELEN338_ Ruger. Compact Magnum
6.5 X 61mm Mauser8 X 57mm JS Mauser44magnum340 WEATHERBY MAGNUM
6.5 X65mm RWS8 X57mm Mauser50_ bmg. cartridge356 Winchester
6.5 X 68mm8 X_59mm Breda50 Browning_ Machine. Gun357 -magnum
6.5-284_ Norma8 X 60mm J Mauser50_ Spotter-Tracer. M48A1358 Winchester
6.5mm C reedmoor8X60mm S Mauser60 Anti-Tank Cartridge375_ Blaser Magnum
6.5mm. Grendel8 X_63mm Swedish60 Anti- Tank. Rifle Cartridge375_ Holland _and. Holland Magnum
6. .8mm SPC8x57mm JS Mauser125mm-BK-14M-HEAT375_ Ruger
6.17. Flash8X68MM_S204_ Ruger37 5hh
6.17 _Spitfire93 X62mm Mauser220 _Swift376 Steyr
6.53 Scramjet9.3X66mm Sako221_ Rermington_ Fireball416 Barrett
6.71 Blackbird9.3X57MM MAUSER222_ Remington416 Rigby
6.71 Phantom9.3X62MM_ MAUSER222_ Remington. Magnum458 Lott
6 X45mm9.3x66mm Sako223_ Remington458 Socom
6_X_47mm_ Mauser9.5 X57mm Mannlicher -Schoenauer223 Round460 Steyr
6X47mm Swiss Match9 X56mm Mannlicher -Schoenauer223_ Winchester Super. Short. Magnum475 Turnbull
6 X58mm Forster9X57mm Mauser242 Rimless Nitro Express500 Jeffrey
6 X 62mm Freres9mm_ Para243_ Winchester505 Gibbs
6mm_ Norma. Bench_ Rest9×18243_ Winchester. Super. Short MagnumAccurateCartridges
6mm PPC10.75X 57mm Mannlicher-Schoenauer244 Remingtonlapua 762×39
6mm_ Remington10.75 X 63mm_ Mauser250 SavageL eadcaster.44
6mm_ Remington. Bench. Rest10.75_ X 68mm. Mauser257_ Robertslink cartridge. belt. 7 -62 mm. m13
6mm_ US. Navy112X60mm Schuler260_ Remington 
7.5 X 53.5mm Swiss GP189011.2_X_ 72mm Schuler270 Winchester 
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3D Models of Bullet
3D Models of Bullet 01
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