Cats and product design thinking

Product design thinking is based on continuous research and improvement. Maintaining the validation and iterative thinking model can not only be applied to the product design field that we are familiar with, but also can be used in daily life, and even design a dollhouse for my cat.

How to improve the competitiveness of products

With the past of mobile Internet user dividends, the current product competition has entered a period of hand-to-hand combat. For people who do products on the front line, what is needed is not only to make the product, but the more important issue is how to make the product sufficient in the market. Competitiveness.

The only chance to leave a good impression on users: improve the first-time experience

Wayne Chang is the co-founder of startups. The companies he founded are worth more than $10 billion; he is also an investor and has invested in more than 50 companies. Recently, Wayne Chang made a suggestion to startup companies: When developing products, we should focus on the first-time experience, so that new users can fall in love with the product. How to do? He introduced some methods, let us read them.

Your plan is not recognized, maybe these three points are not done well

Think your plan is good, but it is always unacceptable? Such scenes can often be encountered in the workplace. What is wrong in the end? Is the solution really not good enough? In the article, the author combined his own experience to summarize three key points that are often overlooked in the product design process, and hope that the article can help you solve problems.

System Thinking: Applying System Thinking in Product Design

When developing new products, how to produce a high-quality product in a short period of time is the highest level that designers can hardly penetrate. Shekman Tang from Intercom shared his views on product design in the article “Applying Systems Thinking in Product Design” . Instead of starting to solve a specific problem immediately, having a global perspective and good communication with the team is the most important thing at the beginning of the design. What should be done.

How to cultivate product thinking and design thinking?

Excellent designers and product managers should have the ability to think deeply, be able to see the essence of the problem through the phenomenon, and improve their vision. In addition to the first look at the interface, copywriting, elements, and then gradually see the needs and Business, and then see the business logic and even the trend level, which requires long-term accumulation. In addition, you need to continue to expand the boundaries of your abilities, and don’t let yourself be restricted.

Product design and user psychology

Hello everyone, today we are here to talk about product design and user psychology. Due to time constraints, it is impossible for me to fully explain this issue, but in this limited time, we can start with some small focuses. , Its purpose is to let everyone have a new mindset in product design.

“Motivation Theory” in User Experience

Every designer wants users to fall in love with their products, but we have to give a user a reason to fall in love with their products. Hope this article’s explanation of user motivation will help you find that reason.