How to improve user and employee experience through service design?

Service design improves the user and employee experience by designing, aligning, and optimizing an organization’s operations to better support the customer journey. What is a service? Traditional economics makes a clear distinction between goods and services, with goods being tangible and consumables (eg: pens, sunglasses, or shoes). Services are intangible instant exchanges that do not result …

Talk about product opportunity identification

Recently, I listened to Goddess Liang’s masterpiece, combined with the experience of the product in charge, and shared the product opportunity identification I understand. If there is anything wrong with my personal opinion, please correct me.

Analysis of 5 aspects: How can designers improve their design competitiveness?

Now, the competition for designers is becoming more and more fierce, and in this environment, how should designers improve their design competitiveness? 1. Background of the problem Have you noticed recently that the competition for designers is getting more and more fierce, and the HR of any company holds thousands of designer resumes? 2. Potential …

Take the logistics industry as an example to talk about paperless product design

With the popularity of Alipay and WeChat, the concept of “paperless” is gradually favored by more traditional industries. This article talks to you about how to play paperless product design. From online payment to the realization of various types of informatization, more and more industries have begun to try to use the convenience of terminals to …

Why do people still believe: a car can fly

In 2030, in the noisy city center, flying cars opened their wings and rose from the ground. People fly into the air in flying cars, watch videos and drink coffee comfortably in the cars. The flying car reached a speed of 200 kilometers per hour, easily avoiding ground traffic jams, and reached the destination in less than 15 minutes. After folding the wings, it parked in a normal parking space.

What is HACCP in food industry?

Short answer HACCP is a systematic approach to the identification, evaluation, and control of food safety hazards based on the following seven principles: Principle 1: Conduct a hazard analysis. Principle 2: Determine the critical control points (CCPs). Principle 3: Establish critical limits. Principle 4: Establish monitoring procedures. Principle 5: Establish corrective actions. Principle 6: Establish …

Cats and product design thinking

Product design thinking is based on continuous research and improvement. Maintaining the validation and iterative thinking model can not only be applied to the product design field that we are familiar with, but also can be used in daily life, and even design a dollhouse for my cat.

Is your product a vitamin or an analgesic?

Once users successfully form a habit of using their products, the company can benefit a lot, specifically: higher user lifetime value, greater price flexibility, faster growth, and stronger competitive advantage .

Resume is a stepping stone, just have the function of a brick

If someone tells you, resumes should be as complete as possible, and the cover should be beautiful, simple, and generous to match your job search. The intent is consistent; the self-recommendation letter should be simple, clear and refined at the same time, mainly introducing your basic personal information, major, college, job search intention, skills, experience, …