There are many occupational accidents caused by machinery and equipment. As far as manufacturing is concerned, it accounts for more than 40% of all disaster accidents. In large-scale equipment, there are many “clamping/entanglement”, followed by disasters such as “crushing/friction/scratching”. Here, we will examine Bingo Automata as an example of equipment safety design.

(1) The danger of equipment

The dangers of mechanical equipment can be roughly divided into the following two types.

-1. The danger of machinery

If it is a bingo automatic machine, the following dangerous items can be intercepted.

Dangerous items of machinery

(1) Rotational movement

Rotation of the motor shaft

(2) Linear motion, sliding

Linear motion mechanism of XY table, pick and place

(3) Ejection of parts and materials

not applicable

(4) caught in the gap

Associated with item (2)

-2. Non-mechanical hazards

Non-mechanical hazardous items


(5) Electrical hazard

Included in the design of electrical systems. It requires the selection of countermeasure standard products for the components used
(the safety cover opening/closing sensor of the bingo game machine adopts DIN standard products)

(6) Noise and vibration

not applicable

(7) Other

Flammables, chemical dangerous goods, temperature, pressure, dust, poisons, etc.: Not applicable

(2) Safety design of machinery and equipment

Safety design needs to be added to the following items.

Non-mechanical hazardous items


Structural safety design

Mechanical strength: the mounting strength of its loose plug, hook strength, strength of the floor and other
electrical system safety
Hydraulic System / pneumatic systems security
control system security

Appearance safety design

Dangerous part (sharp edges, etc.) the device is not exposed to the surrounding
housing of the moving part
of the housing of the high-temperature portion, etc.

Safety design in the operating field

Safety of the work area: measures to prevent the drive area, prevent the failure of the safety device, etc.

(3) For Bingo Automata

Many people approach the device and perform bingo games by operating switches on the hand control panel. Since it does not directly touch the drive components, it uses transparent acrylic to cover the whole as a safety measure.

a) Cover the entire drive part (transparent acrylic plate visible inside)
b) Equipped with a mechanical switch to control the device to stop the cover from opening/closing

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