Shuttle shelf system is an intelligent and intensive storage system, which is a new efficient storage mode. Shuttle shelf can not only improve the utilization of the warehouse, but also provide a guarantee for the storage of warehouse products.Jujumi will take you to know about the shuttle shelf:

1、 Structural characteristics of shuttle car

  • The car body of the shuttle is small, and the operation is convenient.
  • In addition to the shuttle car can use the left and right shuttle way to access goods, it also has the lifting function, which can meet the storage needs of more users.
  • The use of shuttle car is very intelligent. It can not only automatically detect and access products, but also tally and count products.
  • The shuttle car adopts a new positioning technology, which can accurately position each product.Moreover, the shuttle car also has the function of intelligent shutdown. If there is any fault in the production line, the shuttle car will stop working within the effective distance, and the product will not be damaged.

2、 Characteristics of shuttle shelf

  • The utilization rate of warehouse is high, up to 80%.
  • It reduces the waiting time and improves the work efficiency.
  • The storage mode is diversified, which can be FIFO or LIFO.
  • The phenomenon of shelf collision rarely occurs, which can guarantee the product quality.
  • When the forklift truck is in the front of the warehouse, the products can be transported by remote control.
  • When picking up, for some products placed too deep, the shuttle car can be used to move the pallet to a suitable position, and then the forklift can be used to take the products in the pallet out of the shelf.
  • Shuttles are widely used and flexible, and can be placed on different tracks, and multiple shuttles can be placed on the same track according to the needs of users.
  • Shuttle cars are very suitable for enterprises with a single product variety but a large number of products. There are many enterprises with such characteristics. In addition to the food and pharmaceutical industries, the chemical and tobacco industries are also involved.
  • The storage space of the warehouse is very limited, so for enterprises, how to increase the warehouse capacity in the limited space is very important. The shuttle shelf system is the representative of improving the utilization rate of the warehouse.

With the development and utilization of the advantages of this new type of shuttle shelf system, the utilization rate of the warehouse will be greatly improved and the product cost of the enterprise will be greatly reduced.If you have this demand, please contact us.

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