How to use the AGV car to take the elevator automatically

1. The AGV car arrives at the door of the elevator and stops. The AGV control system announces the order to enter the elevator through the network.

2. After receiving the signal from AGV control system, the elevator opens the door and maintains the normally open state.And the reaction elevator has turned over signal to AGV control system.

3. After receiving the signal that the elevator has been opened, the AGV control system announces the moving command to the AGV car, and the AGV car enters the elevator.

4. After the AGV car enters the elevator, it announces the floor order to the elevator, and the elevator receives the order, closes the elevator and reaches the designated floor.

5. When the elevator reaches the designated floor, the elevator door shall be opened and kept in normal open condition.The elevator door normally open signal is sent to AGV control system.

6. After arriving at the designated floor, the AGV control system announces the travel command to the AGV car, and the AGV car uses the elevator.

7. After the AGV car leaves the elevator, the AGV control system responds to the elevator, and the elevator door is closed to enter the next cycle.

In the whole process, we can understand the interaction among AGV car, AGV dispatching system and intelligent elevator, which includes the interaction between AGV car and AGV dispatching system through wireless network and the information interaction between AGV dispatching system and elevator.AGV system and elevator interaction process: AGV application for elevator registration → elevator response registration success → AGV query elevator location floor → elevator response location floor → AGV plead for elevator door opening → elevator door opening insist → AGV enter / exit elevator → AGV stop sending door opening request → elevator close → elevator release success.

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