The complete automatic storage hardware facilities mainly include high-rise shelves, roadway stacker, automatic sorting system, automatic conveying system and peripheral equipment

(1) The high-rise shelf is mainly used for the storage of goods, the general height is more than 10 meters, can store a large number of goods pallets, so that the storage capacity of the warehouse is greatly improved.

(2) The main function of roadway stacker is to store and take out goods.The tunnel stacker can shuttle freely and flexibly in the tunnel of high-rise shelves, store the goods just put in the warehouse to the designated location, or take out the goods to be put out of the warehouse from the designated location.The stacker has the advantages of flexible and fast movement, can complete the rapid storage and picking of goods, which can greatly improve the efficiency of goods access.

(3) Automatic sorting system is an indispensable part of the modern warehouse, but also the most core part of the whole automated warehouse, which plays a vital role in improving the operation efficiency of the whole warehouse.The most important part of an automatic sorting system is the automatic sorting machine, whose main function is to complete the sorting work of various cargo positions.When thousands of goods arrive at the warehouse in various ways, they are scanned automatically or manually. The automatic sorting system obtains the goods information and sorts them according to different orders. Then the goods are transported to the designated location to complete the process of goods entering the warehouse.Similarly, when the goods are out of the warehouse, the handling equipment takes the goods out of the shelf according to the order and places them in the sorting area. The sorting system sorts all kinds of goods according to the requirements of the customer’s order, and concentrates the goods to the sorting crossing according to the quantity and type required by the order, so as to facilitate the subsequent packing and distribution.

(4) Automatic conveying system: the conveying system is the link connecting the whole warehouse operation, and it is also an indispensable part of the warehouse to complete the cargo conveying operation.The goods in and out of the warehouse are sorted and transported through the conveying system.At present, the most commonly used conveying forms in automatic stereoscopic warehouse are belt type and roller type.

(5) Peripheral equipment: in addition to the above equipment, a complete automated storage system also includes some security facilities, such as fire prevention facilities, lighting facilities, etc.These peripheral equipment can provide logistics support and supply services for the operation of the automated warehouse, and ensure the normal operation of the vertical warehouse.

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