The so-called intelligent warehousing is simply automatic warehousing. Under the influence of modern science and technology, the form of warehouse has undergone earth shaking changes, and the original warehouse mode has been unable to meet the production needs.With the continuous progress of science and technology, the performance of automated three-dimensional warehouse is also changing. In the three-dimensional warehouse architecture, the performance has been greatly improved, especially the use of computers, so that the three-dimensional warehouse has a qualitative leap.

There are many problems in the traditional warehouse, such as the unreasonable use of space size, huge waste of area, inadequate use of resources, and the traditional warehouse still relies on human resources in cargo handling. In today’s rapid development of society, the traditional warehouse storage mode will be out, and the automated three-dimensional warehouse will bring a new storage mode for production and lifeIt’s the same.

Intelligent storage technology performance with computer greatly improves the storage performance of the warehouse, in the storage and storage of goods, can be completely separated from the operator, the operator only needs to control through the computer room.Reasonable high-rise warehouse design, improve the capacity of the warehouse, the use of unit storage, save space, so as to make full use of the warehouse area.

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