What’s the reason to choose AGV? AGV car can automatically plan the path, automatically locate, easily start, no training, and support the secondary expansion function.Jujumi, let’s talk about it in detail

1. Easy to use, no training required

The better the product is, the more convenient it is to use. In the past, people used to operate a machine language to understand the meaning of various parameters and the functionality of buttons. Now, as long as they know the switch, they can basically use AGV intelligent car. In the early stage of preparation, they can use it when they start up. Its degree of automation reaches a high level, plus the humanization of its other optionsFunction, more convenient for use.

2. Automatic path planning, automatic positioning

There are many positioning and path planning systems for mobile robots. Slam technology can determine the position of the laser AGV intelligent car and construct the environment model at the same time, solve the positioning and mapping problems of the AGV intelligent car robot, and realize the key premise of the laser AGV intelligent car autonomy.

Automatic path planning is impossible for human. When a worker arrives at the factory for the first time, he needs to run in with the environment for a period of time.Due to the limited capacity, workers can not carry too many goods at one time. In factories with large production capacity, if the warehousing is not done in place, it will have a series of effects on the follow-up work. AGV intelligent car carrier can easily solve these problems.

3. Support secondary expansion function

AGV intelligent car robot is much faster than artificial, because its speed can be adjusted, its energy can be constantly replenished, and even the functions they can expand are beyond the reach of artificial.For example, kangdao intelligent smt-201 special laser AGV intelligent car is a product that supports the secondary expansion function. It can be extended within its own capacity. Not only the strength can be increased, but also the function can be developed in an all-round way, which is beyond the reach of human beings, because human beings can not improve their working ability in a short time.

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