With the development of the times, more and more perfect and intelligent, AGV logistics car has been applied in all walks of life, especially in the transportation industry, but people often neglect a problem, that is, AGV logistics car protection problem, do a good job in daily protection operation, in order to make it normal operation, prolong service life.

The follow-up wheel of AGV logistics vehicle is a universal caster, which can rotate sensitively.In daily protection,

Each AGV logistics vehicle has two bumpers at the front and back, soft foam rubber and sensitive travel switch, which can effectively ensure the safety of AGV logistics vehicle and ensure the normal operation.When there is a bumper failure, we need to check whether the switch rebound is useful to protect the bumper.

The lifting channel of AGV logistics vehicle is mainly composed of lifting equipment and rolling ball channel equipment for operation.The lifting platform of AGV logistics vehicle is installed on the trolley and can be lifted freely. The structure is very compact and the transmission is very sensitive. For this equipment, attention should be paid to the inspection and the wear degree of each part.

We should pay attention to the cleaning operation of the follow-up wheel, and regularly clean the thread, hair, dust and other substances wrapped on the follow-up wheel.Otherwise, it will affect the operation sensitivity of AGV logistics vehicle and cause adverse effects.

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