The main theme of industry development is undoubtedly smart logistics, green logistics and digital logistics. Intelligent and unmanned intelligent warehousing will be the trend

1. Wide application of automation and intelligence

It mainly refers to the application of hardware parts such as automated warehouse system, automatic sorting equipment, sorting robot and wearable devices such as VR augmented reality technology; subdivided into three-dimensional storage system and shuttle car, sorting robot mainly includes the application of joint robot, manipulator and spider hand.

2. Internet plus intelligent storage equipment

This part focuses on software, mainly Internet technology, such as big data, cloud computing, AI, deep learning, Internet of things, machine vision and so on.The use of these data and technologies for commodity sales and forecasting, as well as the allocation of intelligent inventory and the exploration of personal consumption habits, can achieve accurate sales promotion according to personal consumption habits. At present, enterprises with relatively mature technology such as Jingdong and rookie have used big data for pre sorting.

3. Sharing

The emergence of sharing economy is reflected in the field of warehousing, such as the sharing of pallet, container, forklift and other warehousing logistics equipment.For example, rookie outsources the operation and hardware equipment of some warehouses, only responsible for the construction of land and warehouses. In addition, rookie also shares warehouses, such as the collaborative warehouse and Jingcang in the cooperation between Jingdong and Danone.

4. Overseas

With the initiative of one country and one belt, one road to domestic consumption upgrading is to develop new opportunities for cross-border import and export, and enterprises to accelerate the layout of overseas distribution.The demand for cross-border overseas warehouses surged.

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