With the development of intelligent warehousing and logistics automation into unmanned freight, intelligent handling equipment has become an indispensable tool in the logistics industry.These handling tools send raw materials, parts and other items to the production station, so that the installation process becomes more smooth. This kind of handling tool is gradually developed and extended to all walks of life.In the logistics moving link, from the past simple human car to today’s robot – AGV.Handling robot is widely used in automobile production line, AGV robot instead of human moving, improve the efficiency of production and assembly.

The application of big data technology and intelligent warehousing in logistics and freight transportation will make logistics more intelligent.From the production of products to the warehouse and then transferred to the hands of buyers, the whole process has real-time monitoring.The factory can control the production by analyzing the sales data, and the logistics express company can also adjust the data effectively, so as to achieve the optimal allocation of resources.

With the application and development of robots in the field of logistics, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to and invest in the research and development of related products.As long as the logistics personnel through the handheld terminal, according to the data stored in the computer system, the intelligent storage robot will complete the goods to the delivery area in a very short route and economic time.

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