1. Basic concept:

Linear bearing is a linear motion system with high precision, low cost and low friction resistance. Linear bearings are used in combination with guide shafts, and use the rolling motion of balls to achieve infinite linear motion.
Since the bearing ball is in point contact with the shaft, the load is small. The steel ball rotates with very little frictional resistance, so as to obtain high-precision smooth movement.

2. Structure

3. In the working process, the linear bearing is equipped with a steel ball cage in the outer ring, and the cage is equipped with multiple balls, and the balls move in an endless loop. The two ends of the cage are fixed by sealing gaskets and retaining rings, and there are notch windows in the linear track direction of each steel ball working under force. This part is to make the loaded steel ball and the shaft make rolling contact, with a very low friction coefficient Relative movement.

Therefore, linear ball bearings are the most suitable bearings for mechanical equipment, automation equipment, and energy-saving equipment.

4, Classification:

1. Divided by material
Shell: stainless steel, bearing steel, aluminum alloy (linear bearing with seat);
cage: resin, stainless steel, bearing steel;
surface treatment: chrome plating, nickel plating, surface anodization (linear bearing outer holder) and the like;
Our Available from linear bearing housing is bearing steel, lined with resin cage, no surface treatment of the product; linear bearing seat belt is more common linear bearing insert outer aluminum housing.
2. According to the shape, it can be divided into open type and closed type;
straight column type, single liner type (normal type), double liner type (extended type);
single liner type with flange, double liner type with flange; double-sided cutting flange type , Middle cutting flange type, four-sided cutting flange type;
heightened square with fixed seat (fixed seat made of aluminum alloy, surface anodized), widened square with fixed seat, etc.
3. Divided by series
Linear bearings are divided into two series: LM and LME series.
LM series are used in Asia, Southeast Asian countries, Japan, Korea, China, etc.
LME series are mostly used in Europe, America, Germany, Italy and other regions. The structural characteristics of the two series are roughly the same except for the different sizes and aperture tolerances.

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