Industrial automation is a trend in which automatic control and automatic adjustment devices are widely used in industrial production to replace manually operated machines and machine systems for processing and production. Under the conditions of industrial production automation, people only indirectly take care of and supervise the production of machines.


Networking with advanced and mature network communication technology, supporting multimedia applications such as data, voice, and video, can ensure that network technology and network products basically meet application requirements within a few years. The required system structure should be an advanced and open system structure; the equipment and technology used should be advanced in the industry; advanced modern management technology should be adopted to ensure the scientific nature of the system.


Since the safety, production monitoring and scheduling tasks of modern coal mining enterprises, and the business connections between various functional departments are largely based on the network, safety and production monitoring have high requirements for real-time data. Therefore, the design should ensure that the larger the network’s processing capacity and bandwidth, the better.


The network has good openness and good interconnection with other networks.

High reliability:

The uninterrupted nature of real-time monitoring determines that in the network design (especially the network backbone), the reliability of network operation must be considered to ensure that the entire system can still operate when an accident occurs at a node. Therefore, the hardware selection, wiring, supporting environment and structure must be of high quality, and the core network equipment must be redundant. At the same time, advanced firewall technology is used to ensure the safety of the system.


With the rapid development of network technology today, the network must have the ability to integrate with future technologies, while protecting existing investments, ensuring that new equipment is added to the network system at any time, and ensuring the smooth upgrade and expansion of related software. Requirements: scalability of the network scale, including the geographical distribution of the network and the number of users. The scalability of network capacity requires that the entire network system expands with user scale and applications, and the transmission capacity of the network must be increased accordingly.


The entire network system must meet the requirements of easy installation, easy management, easy maintenance, and easy use.


All links of the network should provide as many security and confidentiality measures as possible to ensure the performance of the network. Security measures should include: anti-virus, anti-hacking, prevention of illegal or unauthorized access, transmission encryption, security policy control, etc.


The construction of the network must ensure the manageability of the network operation. It is required to discover network topology, monitor network performance in real time, manage and maintain equipment configuration, and perform network fault diagnosis quickly and easily.

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