A 3D factory designed by Sketchup

The factory is a large, rectangular building with a steel frame and corrugated metal walls. Inside, the factory is divided into several different sections. The first area is the receiving and storage area, where raw materials are brought in and stored before being processed. This area has large, sturdy shelves and industrial-grade conveyor belts to move materials around.

Further into the factory, there are several production lines. Each line consists of a series of machines and conveyor belts that take raw materials and turn them into finished products. The production lines are designed to be modular, so they can be easily reconfigured or expanded as production needs change.

In the center of the factory is a large, open space that serves as the main assembly area. This is where finished products are put together and tested before being packaged up and shipped out.

Overall, this factory is designed to be flexible, modular, and efficient, with a focus on maximizing productivity and minimizing waste. Using SketchUp, designers can create detailed 3D models of this factory and test out different layouts and configurations before finalizing the design.

This model was created in SketchUp, file package is 90MB.

A 3D factory designed by Sketchup
A 3D factory designed by Sketchup

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