3D design of automatic vertical round bottle labeling machine

It is suitable for sticking labels on the circumference of round bottles. Single label and double label can be pasted. The distance between front and back double labels can be adjusted flexibly, such as gel water round bottles and food round cans. It is widely used in cosmetics, food, medicine, disinfectant and other industries.

The circular positioning detection device is selected to realize the labeling at the specified position on the circular surface.

The color matching belt printer and inkjet printer can be selected to realize the printing of production date and batch number information on the label and the integration of labeling and inkjet printing.

The 3Dmodel is drawn by SolidWorks2017, including 2D engineering drawings. File totally 71 MB, including stp files.

Structure mechanism of automatic round bottle labeling machine:

  1. Unwinding wheel is a passive wheel, which adopts the mark of placing reel. Usually equipped with adjustable friction force of friction brake equipment, the function is to control the speed and tension of the drum, to maintain a stable feeding.
  2. The buffer wheel is connected with a spring. It can swing back and forth. The function is to absorb the tension of the drum material when the equipment is in operation, keep the material touching each roller, and prevent the material from breaking.
  3. Guide roller – composed of upper and lower parts, it can guide and mark the drum material.
  4. Push roll – consists of a set of active friction wheels. Usually, one is rubber roller, the other is metal roller, and the backing paper passes through it. The function is to push the drum material to complete the normal labeling.
    Winder – the driving wheel with friction transmission system, whose function is to rewind the bottom paper after labeling. The rotation of the paper receiving wheel does not interfere with the paper handling of the driving wheel, and the synchronous transmission is adjusted by the friction equipment.
  5. Stripper – there is an angle at one end of the stripper (generally less than 30 °), which is used to make it easy to mark and separate from the backing paper when the backing paper changes direction through the stripper, so as to complete the touch with the label object.
  6. Label roller: apply the label separated from the backing paper evenly and evenly on the goods to be pasted.

The functions and characteristics of the automatic round bottle labeling machine are as follows:

  1. The automatic round bottle labeling machine can improve the efficiency of product labeling and film pasting, with accurate pasting position, high cost performance and high stability
  2. To prevent a series of problems such as low efficiency of manual labeling and film pasting, skew pasting, blistering and wrinkle, irregular pasting position, etc
  3. The automatic round bottle labeling machine can effectively reduce the cost of products, improve the beauty of product identification, and improve the competitiveness of products
  4. The basic material of the equipment is made of all aluminum alloy, with solid overall structure and beautiful appearance
  5. The automatic round bottle labeling machine is operated by standard micro PLC + standard inductor electric control system, with stable equipment performance

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